Deliver with 2 men, why not?


To transport a valuable good from a point to another, great competences and specialised experts are necessary. Even more for kitchens that needed an additional expertise given by a support team.

It is known that german kitchen manufactures want a second person during the deliver, but why?

The answer hinges on two factors: the goods quality and the work safety.

Distribution process is the final part of the logistic chain as well as being the conjunction between the product and his consumer.

How to comunicate the product quality? Only include it in its services.

Thanks to our international experience in furniture transport and logistic, the use of 2 man delivering during the distribution process, gives to the company a better reputation, an additional safety and lower costs in the management of post sale service.

With these reasons, in DeGirolami we have codified a kitchen distribution service in all Europe. The use of a second expert gives an added value with the aim to guarantee the best image for our customers.

From today it’s possible require the new dedicated service for furniture transport…bacause 2 is better than 1!!!

Testimonial: Claudio Chiappucci, El Diablo  Biking International Champion.