Siamo orgogliosi di essere soci fondatori della Fondazione Marco Polo, un ITS istituto tecnico specialistico focalizzato sulla Logistica.

Lo scopo della fondazione è la promozione di un istituto volto a formare le competenze dei futuri operatori in un settore quale la Logistica, attraverso un piano formativo biennale, in cui il ricorso all’alternanza scuola-lavoro è il fondamento di integrazione con l’impresa.

Giunti alla terza edizione, ITS Marco Polo espande i propri orizzonti con una nuova apertura a Treviso, seguendo il modello creato a Venezia, sede principale del progtto.

Il nostro contributo è volto a sostenere un progetto mirato alla sensibilizzazione dei contenuti di un mercato in cui il valore umano necessita di essere il principale driver per l’innovazione, conseguito attraverso la formazione scientifica e la presa di coscienza del mercato del lavoro.

Un ringraziamento particolare a tutti i soci ed in particolare a CFLI ed il presidente Zanardo per l’ottimo lavoro svolto.

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The 2019 is dedicated to furniture design objects:

  • 12 months of furniture design icons
  • International holidays
  • Monthly Qr-Code engagements


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In Italy more than 66% of vehicles, cruising on the highway, are older than ten years, this is what the Public Authorities Registred declared last month.

Further more in Europe the avarage distance per truck is about 85,000 km a year.

New fleets investiment is driving solid transport company to achieve best standard in term of road safety, brand awareness, envoiromental scores.

DeGirolami is your partner in Europe with a proper owned fleet of 156 units, with 86% of Euro6 trucks with a turnover of 4,5 years.

Coming soon the Furniture transport&logistics brand will deliver 35 brand new units with:

  • Automatic brake system
  • Road Line reader
  • Eco driving real time assistance
  • Euro 6 engine release

Why not choose quality and safety ?


Deliver with 2 men, why not?


To transport a valuable good from a point to another, great competences and specialised experts are necessary. Even more for kitchens that needed an additional expertise given by a support team.

It is known that german kitchen manufactures want a second person during the deliver, but why?

The answer hinges on two factors: the goods quality and the work safety.

Distribution process is the final part of the logistic chain as well as being the conjunction between the product and his consumer.

How to comunicate the product quality? Only include it in its services.

Thanks to our international experience in furniture transport and logistic, the use of 2 man delivering during the distribution process, gives to the company a better reputation, an additional safety and lower costs in the management of post sale service.

With these reasons, in DeGirolami we have codified a kitchen distribution service in all Europe. The use of a second expert gives an added value with the aim to guarantee the best image for our customers.

From today it’s possible require the new dedicated service for furniture transport…bacause 2 is better than 1!!!

Testimonial: Claudio Chiappucci, El Diablo  Biking International Champion.


Have you ever heard that:

UK is the state with the highest on line purchasing rate in Europe in which only London city collects over than 80% of consumption of all the nation?

UK is the second nation in Europe for per capita consumption of furniture?

Italy is the second provider of furniture and furnishing in UK?

Which are most consumed products?

  • Sofas and armchairs?
  • Kitchens?
  • Bed rooms?
  • Living area?

Direct Home Delivery department of DeGirolami is present in UK with two branches: one in London and the other in Leeds where are handled deliveries from the first to the last mile?

Direct home delivery is the business unit founded in order to offer value added services such as white gloves. It’s a turnkey solution that is provided by our experts with floor delivery, assembly, packaging removal, substitution of old products and so much more.


Finally, do you know that the stockpile management, thanks to Urban warehousing concept, allows to your customers of getting goods also the same day in which the order is made?

DeGirolami UK is present in London from 2015 and in Leeds from 2017 with urban warehouses dedicated on logistics from the first to the last mile and international contract services.


Working 365 days non-stop, gives you various solutions for your clients around the world

A lot of options for whom cannot stop off, for whom has already stopped and for whom will only slow down.

Choose DeGirolami to meet your clients, because the world never stops!

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SERVICE LAST CALL         (booking closure) CLOSING


OPENING (departures)
Collecting Italy 10 August 10 August 27 August
Distribution Europe      (partner) / Open Open
Full loads / Open Open
Logistics / Open Open
Groupage Europe:








Spain zone 1,2

UK  zone 1,2


3 August


6 August


27 August

Spain zone 3

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3 August


10 August 27 August
Groupage Italy (only)




27 July 10 August 27 August
Groupage Russia 3 August 10 August 27 August
DHD UK / Open Open
Express / Open Open



Would you like to ship your goods without printing any paper? You’ll save time, money and you’ll be environmentally friendly.

We have the best solution for you…

Thanks to our integration systems and the knowledge of regulatory framework, now, you can be efficient in the transport document management. We have thought about a solution that totally meets your expectations using a Standard or a Custom Cycle.


Standard Cycle

​- Booking (web, xml, txt, csv, xls, webservice, edi)
​- Attach the booking (pdf, jpeg, tif, png, doc), invoices copies and other documents which have to be bring to the recipient
​- Being notified about  the successfull delivery + download CMR

Custom Cycl

​- Booking (web, xml, txt, csv, xls, webservice, edi)
​- Attach the booking (pdf, jpeg, tif, png, doc), invoices copies and other documents which have to be bring to the recipient
​- Being notified about  the successfull delivery + download CMR

– We print all the necessary documents for you
– Being notified about the successfull delivery + download CMR


Did you know that it’s also possible fill out, sign and punch a pdf without printing it up?

Help us to save trees, make your choice!


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How carry out an international shipment avoiding unnecessary use of paper in the document management.


Which documents you need?

One of the most common way to make a shipment out of the national border is to rely on a third party, a specialist capable of meeting the deadlines both in DDP and EXW transport.

The transport can be done in many ways: FTL, with one load and one unload, LTL, or Groupage. In this case different shipments converge in a unique destination.

For all of the methods of transport above mentioned it’s necessary fill up the CMR, the only and essential document for shipping out of the national border. CMR is prepared by the sender and countersigned by the courrier as proof of delivery.

If every package needs a specific control the CMR can be followed by a packing list.


DeGirolami opens a new logistics branch in Brianza.

Investing in the most important Italian furniture district is the reason why the group is focusing in Lombardia, where the connection with F.lli Montorfano, pillar in the furniture distribution all over the peninsula is a strategic point in order to expand import and export services.

A new platform will be used to increase new routes towards the USA, China, India, United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Furthermore, the last January a new branch in Miami was launched.

The economic recovery and the development scenarios of made in Italy play a central role in the choice of manning new markets such as the big cities, where Milan represents a strategic area on  householder furniture consumption.

An important mission of DeGirolami is to reinforce his own supply lines in Europe and Russia, markets where the group proposes dedicated services such as last mile, urban warehouse, white glove service, contract logistics and turn key projects.

Book a space for your special moments. Choose “Fairs&events”, the service that can help you in the international events.

Our experts will support you before and after the Event in order to guarantee a twofold success.

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Spring in Milan is a byword of Salone del Mobile:

From the 17th to the 22th of April.

De Girolami group, as logistic operator, offers to Italian companies its own solutions for the international events.

The construction of a specialist service takes place through a local partners cooperation to support the customer before and after the event.


Plan your pickup

Goods pickup is scheduled in order to ensure 100% on-time delivery.


Transport in business class

Dedicated transport solutions supported by express services, with 8 to 12 hours of transit time, depends on the loading dock in Italy.


Choose your specific service

Temporary storages in Paris for all the period.

Delivery to the stand at scheduled dates and times.

Assembly and installation of products and stands by professional teams.

Loading equipment management and structures relocation.

Retraction and retention of packaging for delivery at the end of the event-

Transport in business class.

Scheduled appointments for the pickup.

Scheduled appointments for the return.


You can also take out insurance against incidental damage to the event with the “all risk” policy.


Give us the following details to have a quote:

Pickup address

Delivery stand

Goods volume

Goods weight

Packages number

Goods value

Delivery dates: goods availability and return

Non-core services

Italian transport&logistics furniture providers, have signed another important agreement, opening a new export and import line, based on the main Italian furniture district in Brianza.

By this achievement, DeGirolami has increased his strategic position in Italy supporting the international development of Luxury furniture and Made in Italy exports, which is facing today a new positive trend compared to the last decade.

DeGirolami mission is to became one of the partner that exports and imports furniture on the globe, making his reputation by innovative logistics and transport solutions, such as global forwarding, custom clearance, logistics engineering.

Nowaday the Group is in Treviso, Verona, Forlì, Oradea, Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Belin, Frankfurt, Miami, Shanghai and Vilnius.

DeGirolami business goal is to provide a whole portfolio on furniture distribution and care, promoting a turnkey service such as White glove service and Contract logistics.

Last but not least, DeGirolami ict division has introduced a new web platform, based on learning machine, where customers and users, interested on supply chain, may instantly access and talk with the system, up and down load documents, labels and statistics.