DeGirolami calendar has started the year 2018 with a new opening in Miami.

By industrial plan prediction, the Italian Furniture Transport&Logistics provider introduces another logistics branch, his first one in USA.

Miami is located in the magic triangle of Bahama, Cuba and Gulf of Mexico, and for this reason it has always been recognized as a dream land where rich people live.

Lagoon Ocean, Everglades’s landscapes and beach towers give a sense of why householders are still investing in this city.

DeGirolami has strategically located his flagship logistics division to manage both North and Central America, with the aim to serve local and domestic customers, providing Value added Services such as White Gloves and Contract&Project.

Operational office delivers on time response to the City and the Design District at the same time by Urban Warehouse situated inside the metro area, by a 1500 sqm warehouse, 4 distribution vans, 2 customer care supports.

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