We use standard processes, reducing costs and improving services!

Degirolami invests every day in the creation of standardized services in order to give its customers the highest possible quality. Coding a service portfolio has been one of the main activities we have been busy with over the past two years. But we realized that just working on improving traditional services was not enough. The rapid evolution of technologies would have led to new needs for our customers. The development of e-commerce is a first obvious consequence. But it’s not enough.
All services in all sectors in the coming years will “suffer” from the arrival of new technologies, posing every day to all companies the problem of being able to understand the benefits.

This is why we started investing in technologies and today the catalog of our technological services is composed of a first set of APIs that allow the improvement of many traditional processes that have been carried out for years with hundreds of phone calls and with a very high number of inaccuracies.

The technological platform www.furnitureface.com allows browser access to many services ranging from tracking of shipments to digital exchange of documents. But it is possible to do more and integrate the internal processes 100% with the processes managed in Degirolami through our first API catalog that we illustrate below.

Consignees personal data. With this feature, the exchange of informations relating to the personal data of the consignees becomes automatic, allowing our customers to update the personal data of their customers without having to worry about keeping Degirolami aligned on these changes.

Address registry. An historical problem, solved thanks to new technologies. The service that we provide to our customers allows you to verify the georeferencing of the address and also the accessibility of the vehicle with obvious advantages for both parties.

Shipping orders. The service allows the automatic sending of shipping orders and subsequent changes up to the day of the cut off or until the moment of definitive collection of the goods entrusted to us.

Tracking. A now historical functionality has been extended to meet the new needs of the market. Not only a site that says where the goods are but a real tracking able to exchange information automatically both with the sender customer (producer) and with the consignee without any need to connect to the portal. An automatic email system updates the consignee of the status of the goods with particular attention to the status of “next delivery”. The statuses can be sent automatically to the sending customer to automatically update the system.

Documents. The exchange of documents is another important operational problem that leads to a great waste of time and paper consumption. The digitization of documents is an important efficiency goal for every company. With our web service we can completely eliminate paper and exchange documents with senders and recipients automatically.

In the coming months, many other APIs will be released to give a service of an ever higher level and in step with the needs of the market.

If you have any doubts, ask our expert for advice!

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