From the first truck in our fleet.

With more than 40 years of history in between.

Vincenzo De Girolami’s truck then, the De Girolami fleet of new generation trucks now.

40 years of De Girolami generations.

40 years of shipping around the world.

They not only tell of a company with a true vocation for the transport of goods. But they tell much more.

They tell of the forward-looking intuition of Flavio and Renzo – Vincenzo’s sons – to perceive the industrial sector that was being created in Italy in the 1970s. And the strategic choice to specialize in logistics for furniture companies.

They tell of their daily commitment to study transport solutions suited to the fragility of furniture products.

And they also tell of the many De Girolami shipment destinations, which began to expand in Europe in the 1980’s in order to connect the trade of Italian companies with the most important countries of the continent.

40 years tell of expertise developed for numerous types of delivery services, which allowed De Girolami to become a reference partner in the 1990s for road transport in the European market.

They tell of a constant growth of the company which became a PLC in 2000 and has expanded its logistics services with the opening of depots in London, Moscow and Oradea in Romania.

And finally they tell about  a fleet of 170 vehicles and 600 swap bodies for more capacity and types of merchandise. Organized and led by people who dedicate themselves every day to providing authentic transportation. And who today continue along the path paved by Vincenzo, when he set out in this business venture – with his first  truck in 1957.

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