Italian transport&logistics furniture providers, have signed another important agreement, opening a new export and import line, based on the main Italian furniture district in Brianza.

By this achievement, DeGirolami has increased his strategic position in Italy supporting the international development of Luxury furniture and Made in Italy exports, which is facing today a new positive trend compared to the last decade.

DeGirolami mission is to became one of the partner that exports and imports furniture on the globe, making his reputation by innovative logistics and transport solutions, such as global forwarding, custom clearance, logistics engineering.

Nowaday the Group is in Treviso, Verona, Forlì, Oradea, Milan, London, Paris, Moscow, Madrid, Belin, Frankfurt, Miami, Shanghai and Vilnius.

DeGirolami business goal is to provide a whole portfolio on furniture distribution and care, promoting a turnkey service such as White glove service and Contract logistics.

Last but not least, DeGirolami ict division has introduced a new web platform, based on learning machine, where customers and users, interested on supply chain, may instantly access and talk with the system, up and down load documents, labels and statistics.