DeGirolami Group

Who we are today

We introduce ourselves

We have been a transport and logistics company for industrial furniture and design manufacturers for over sixty years. We find the best solutions to respond to one of the most demanding sectors on the market, and we do it together with our most important resource: a highly specialised team.

Our company is founded on the great vision of Flavio and Renzo De Girolami and, thanks to the new generation, represented by Enrico, Laura and Leonardo, their foresight continues to guide our work, even today.

Our fleet satisfies the demands of the global market, particularly in Europe, but we also offer solutions for China, Dubai, Russia and the USA, making sure the goods reach their destination quickly and, above all, damage-free.

History makes us one of the major protagonists of the B2B market: we interface with furniture manufacturing companies, general contractors, architects, designers and sector professionals to help their business grow.

Our vision and primary objective is to be a partner you can trust, today and tomorrow.

To do this, we focus on the needs of the furniture sector, helping to create unique living and commercial spaces together.

Customer first

We realise your needs from your point of view by assuming your times, needs and logic.


We always strive to ensure on-time arrivals to make your idea a success.


For 25 years, our Quality Management System has been ISO 9001:2015 certified for Motta di Livenza (TV) and Faenza (RA) branches.

DeGirolami is built on the people in it,
which is why it is so easy to work with us

our drivers, warehouse workers, managers and employees all have the necessary skills to handle fragile loads with care. Together, they ensure streamlined coordination and communication between the various departments, supporting the customer through every stage of the journey. Through teamwork we create value and quality.