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Who are we? We are the Bluedriver

What do we mean when we talk about Bluedrivers?

Bluedrivers are each and every one of us: drivers, warehouse workers, employees, mechanics and managers.
We consider ourselves more than just the sum of our people, we are a team.


We are a evolving identity that is highly aware of the importance of interdependence when managing both everyday and critical issues.


Each job is unique, which is why it is essential to have the ability to be flexible in the face of everyday situations.


We listen to criticism and we recognise the abilities of others to make their work as rewarding as possible.

Teamwork attitude

this allows us to increase the exchange of ideas and constantly develop new solutions.


To manage each step of the delivery process with extreme care and attention.

Our personal values:

Blue is the symbol of balance, it is our colour and it represents the quality that our team needs to collaborate and achieve our goals.

What really makes the Bluedrivers stand out is that they have a real passion for their work, a value passed down by the De Girolami family that allows everyone to get into the spirit of the company ethos.

These personal values have led to our customers defining us as a reliable guarantee on the market with rapid response times. These values have allowed companies to invest and grow with us together.

Our fleet

Every week, we handle more than 3000 shipments for the design furniture sector all over Europe.

We can handle the logistics and distribution requests of companies of any commercial size and production capacity, for any geographical destination, guaranteeing flexible, high-quality service every step of the way

How do we do it? By travelling with a 100% Euro 6 Scania-branded fleet.

Like De Girolami, Scania is constantly looking looking for innovative and sustainable solutions, both in economic and environmental terms. To accelerate the transition to an increasingly sustainable transport world, it is necessary to implement new projects based, for example, on the use of zero-emission vehicles with an electric propulsion or highly energy-efficient solutions that allow significant fuel savings and therefore a CO2 reduction.
With this in mind, Scania is the first in the heavy-duty vehicle manufacturing industry to set itself short- and medium-term decarbonisation targets that the Science Based Targets Initiative has validated as being in line with the trajectories defined by COP21. They concern both the company’s direct emissions and those of its products during their life cycle. In other words, Scania takes charge of its customers’ emissions. In other words, Scania takes charge of its customers’ emissions.

De Girolami, like Scania, proposes solutions calibrated to the needs of customers and society, with the aim of guaranteeing a service characterised by a high level of quality and efficiency. For example, by adhering to driver education and training programmes, the company focuses on people and the development of skills that can help reduce fuel consumption and therefore polluting emissions. In fact, driving De Girolami’s Bluedrivers, trained directly by Scania, ensures significant fuel savings.

Responsibility towards the environment and society starts with choosing a sustainable fleet and training employees. These are just the first steps on a path that will accompany us into the future.

Join us

Much more than just transportation and logistics. A group. 

Why be a part of De Girolami?

We help people grow, and they help us build the team of tomorrow, together.

Joining DeGirolami means being part of a diverse and inclusive group: we want to make space for diversity because respect for different genders, orientations and cultures are the basis of a successful business.

Respect, Trust, Safety, Ambition: these are just some of the values that we live and breathe in our offices, business trips and warehouses.

Thanks to these values we have been able to build more than a working environment. We have built a team that sees the group’s work as their own, where precision and enthusiasm are the order of the day.

Being part of our team means contributing to making it unique.
We are looking for people who are ready to make their mark.

Opportunities with De Girolami

Our company is made up of lots of different departments that deal with different tasks, but the core principles behind everything we do are still the same. Explore our divisions, become a part of DeGirolami:


Our drivers are the secret to our delivery successes. This is why we constantly invest in training and safety, which helps our fleet grow and thrive.


Sales, planning, human resources, communication, administration: show us what you are capable of.


Being able to rely on constantly up-to-date technology requires the best EDP technicians, to guarantee consumers a controlled experience at every stage of the process.

Logistic workers

A fast and snag-free delivery service needs to be able to manage numerous deliveries in a short space of time. Help us keep the promise we make to our customers.

Make a difference, become a Bluedriver.