Distribution and Groupage in Europe

High loading capacity,
specialists in the furniture sector,
distribution throughout Europe

Make your furniture travel with De Girolami Groupage

Why choose
DeGirolami Groupage?

An excellent service for shipping throughout Europe.

De Girolami Groupage groups all your products into a single load, ensuring your goods arrive at destination within guaranteed transit times, at a reduced cost. With our professional, specialised drivers, proprietary fleet and extensive European network, we build asolid and reliable service, together.

We offer multi-week shipments throughout Europe with reduced transit-times, even for deliveries on the same week the goods are collected.

With one of the largest distribution fleets in the furniture sector, we deliver to Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

De Girolami Groupage provides delivery services to designer furniture manufacturers, retailers and private individuals The service guarantees clients with pre-booked appointments and flexible delivery slots throughout Europe, all managed by qualified personnel in the furniture sector.

Over 5,500 deliveries and installations were carried out in private homes every year.

More than 20,000 m³ of kitchens are delivered weekly across Europe, with a success rate of 99.96%.

But our services don’t stop there! De Girolami Groupage offers extraordinary 24-hour and 48-hour transit times to all European destinations, with rapid, personalized service. If it’s for a tradeshow, store opening or replacement, you will know that your goods will arrive on time and that we will quickly respond to urgent questions.


Together with De Girolami Groupage, De Girolami Logistica is a highly efficient combination for your company’s success.


  • Cost-effective.
  • Double weekly departures.
  • Constantly trained, professional drivers.
  • Guaranteed, rapid customer care response times.
  • The utmost care in handling your goods, from collection to delivery.
  • A highly efficient, far-reaching distribution network for kitchens and living room furniture.
  • Home delivery and installation throughout Europe.
  • 24hr – 48hr last-minute service.

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Home Delivery

Whether you are selling your products in France, Italy, the UK or the rest of Europe, we provide specialist installation and wide-reaching distribution services, both for private customers and contract projects. We manage over 5,500 deliveries and installations across Europe every year.

An office furniture company specialised in 100% ‘Made in Italy’, highly customised contract solutions, wants to produce comfortable and optimised work environments to elevate its customers’ brands…