Delivered in 3 days: entrust us with your goods with our midweek departure service.

Are you looking for a reliable partner who can deliver your goods to Paris in just 3 days?

Midweek departures allow us to deliver your goods on the same week of collection. We manage high volumes of goods every week, which allows us to schedule shipment of the goods by Wednesday, reaching the whole of Europe within exceptional transit-times that exceed every expectation.

Entrust your goods to us at the beginning of the week and your customer will receive them by the end of the week.

Thanks to the company’s constant commitment to service and innovation, this exclusive service is available for clients who rely on us for complete logistical support.

What are the advantages of midweek departure?

  • Reduced transit times.
  • Short waiting times for the end customer.
  • The issue of delivering over the busy Friday and weekend period will no longer be a problem.
  • Completely satisfied customers.


Our world-class, Europe-wide shipping service DeGirolami Groupage groups all your products into a single load, ensuring your goods arrive at destination within guaranteed transit times, at a reduced cost.


Highly specialised logistics for the furniture sector. DeGirolami has been working with the furniture industry for years, providing our clients with an ever-increasing range of innovative services Over 150,000 pieces of furniture and kitchens handled per day, with a success rate of 99.96%.

Other services

Whether you are selling your products in France, Italy, the UK or the rest of Europe, we provide specialist installation and wide-reaching distribution services, both for private customers and contract projects We have managed over 15,000 deliveries and installations across Europe.

FTL, LTL and Contract

Whether it’s a full or partial load or managing a Contract project, DeGirolami provides a huge fleet and a rich network for your goods and contract.