Autotrasporti De Girolami is committed to sustainable logistics.

In the constantly changing world of transport and logistics, we have embraced the idea that sustainability is not just a buzzword, but a tangible commitment that requires concrete actions and that goes beyond mere transport. A thought reflected in how we operate: analyzing data to optimize logistics flows, reducing costs and emissions.

We firmly believe in the importance of collaboration and believe that sustainability is a complex challenge that requires the contribution of all stakeholders. With this in mind, we decided to start on a journey to build a better future by measuring and improving our impact on the environment and land, our social impact initiatives and our company’s stewardship, the three ESG pillars.

As of today, our commitments are:

  • Fleet renewal: Euro 6 vehicles only, compatible with HVO fuel.
  • Driver training: continuous eco&safety drive.
  • Emissions monitoring: ad hoc reports for pollutant emissions.
  • Technological Innovation: digitization of processes.
  • Sustainability report: drafting of sustainability reports and performance monitoring.
  • Energy Efficiency: low energy lighting from renewable sources in offices and warehouses.

In collaboration with Strategy Innovation, a spin-off ofCa’ Foscari University, we are developing a plan with immediate actions and long-term goals to maximize the value of research projects within our dimension.

We recognize the responsibility we have towards the environment and future generations, and we will continue to work with determination to achieve our sustainability goals. We are convinced that, together, we can make a difference. With the support and collaboration of other actors in the supply chain, it is possible to help create a better future for all.

De Girolami is not just a transport company, but wants to present itself as a model of concrete and positive commitment.